Lasic Design

Our products in moving pictures

A product overview in one movie.

Foyer fountains and accessories

The LaSic foyer fountains are manufactured from first-class materials and are also suitable for permanent operation. They are available in stainless steel, aluminium and zinc-plated iron. If you are interested in a rustic rust-structure surface, we can also offer you this variation. The technical parts are invisibly integrated in the construction.
The continuous rippling of the water provides a cosy atmosphere and ensures wonderful relaxation. Your special wishes in regard to the shape and excecution of your fountain can be considered in the planning phase.


The lamps of the LaSic lamp collection are all handmade exhibits made of high-quality local wood. Plain design combined with modern LED technology provide a timeless elegance spreading a cosy atmosphere. The luminaires are available in several kinds of wood and colours.

Bathroom design

The LaSic design collection also offers a noble ambience for your bathroom. A very special eye-catcher are moreover - next to the exclusive washbasin taps – the handmade metal washstands. These are available in different metal finishes: brass, aluminium and bronze.

If hand-polished, mat or surface-treated – they always spread a breeze of elegance.

Wash basin taps

Next to the creations of the furniture factory a unique collection of washbasin- and bathroom sculptures were developed. How these „serviceable objects d’art“ differ from conventional washbasin taps is without many words easy to adumbrate.
 Instead of uniform, chrome-colour taps mythical creatures, famous monarchs and historical celebrities grace the LaSic Design wash basin collection. Their dignity enchants your bathroom atmosphere and prettifies your and your guest’s day.

Washbasin taps made of bronze, brass or aluminium spread a cosy atmosphere full of elegance and dignity. The design spectrum of the LaSic bathroom sculptures is available in the styles timeless-, modern- and classic-elegant. The solid conception and manufacturing ensures, that each tap will still reliably function after years of usage. Thus visiting your bathroom will always be an extraordinary experience.


The collection: Emperor art is dedicated to an epoch long gone by. The monarchy and the cultural heritage of this eventful time served as an inspiration for this collection.

Exclusive home furnishings and foyer furniture with elements reminding of the imperial era decorate foyers and homes again. Upon request admireres of extraordinary exhibits can enjoy exclusive bathroom taps in any desired theme in their bathrooms.


LaSic jewelery is a piece of art that is handmade according to the old standards of goldsmithing.

Jewelery is designed to meet the needs of the customer; Whether in the form or in the material selection. The precious and semi-precious stones (gems ​​and cameos), embraced in the jewelery, are largely provided with mystical symbols of mythology. These are carved by hand into the stone. This process is elaborate and time-intensive, but only in this way does each exhibit receive its own individual note.

Only a symbiosis of the quality of the materials and the time-intensive handwork lends the jewel the unique character and its lasting durability.

"I design exhibits for the personality ... not for the market"


Living accessories

The LaSic design collection, a combination of steel and leather, is distinguished by its impressive design. The foyer furniture brings a touch of luxury into the room.

A matching color composition of the upholstery materials gives the living room the very special touch. The exhibits are furniture designed to meet the needs of the customer. The production and processing is done by hand. High-quality materials and unusual fabrics ensure comfort and convenience.

The exhibits are appreciated by a target group that emphasizes lifestyle and quality and
appreciates design and quality.